Free 30-day Challenge!

Since launching our annual public Creative Sprint® in 2015, thousands of people from all over the world have participated in this annual event and shared over 35,000 amazing creations.

When you join us this October, you will pump up your creative muscles in a friendly, supportive community. 

Each day we provide a different prompt and simple instructions to help you make, share, and grow.

You don't need any special skills, abilities or materials to get started. You just need to commit 5-minutes a day and we'll help you do the rest. 


Practice your creativity

You know that if you practice yoga, guitar, salsa dancing, chess, or pretty much anything else, you're going to get better at it. In fact, if you practice every day, you're going to get pretty darn good!

Creativity works the same way. You already have it within you, it just needs a little exercise to grow.

That's why we say Creativity is a Practice®


See it add up

When you join in a Creative Sprint® you will quickly see how an incremental investment in your own creativity results in exponential opportunity.

Recent research shows that daily creative activity can lead to increased well-being. People who engage in creative pursuits one day feel significantly more energetic, enthusiastic, and excited the next day!

We've seen this experience have a transformative impact on so many people over the past few years.
We can't wait to see where it takes you!

Here's what people are saying

“My team and I have enjoyed it so much and have created some great things as well as built our team morale.”

- Tina, Capital One

“Sometimes the hardest part about being creative is getting started. What I learned from the Creative Sprint® challenge was not to be afraid of the first attempt.”

- Kristine, Columbia Gas

"My mind was opened to endless possibilities.”

Melissa, Dole

“I’m not sure how or why but I felt during those monthly sprints, I had more energy, and a brighter outlook on life and was just more positive in general.”

- Dawn, Owens & Minor

“The Creative Sprint®, awakened a part of me that I did not know I had, with so much energy and zeal.”

- Rajsekhar, Capital One

“It's about moving forward, taking action, getting ideas out, putting it out there.”

Michelle, Pureland Logistics

Creative Sprint® is a program of Another Limited Rebellion an art and innovation studio.