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Creative Sprint® at Work

  • Fuels Innovation

  • Builds Collaborative Culture

  • Connects Diverse and Dispersed Teams


Creativity is the essential 21st century skill.

Keeping up with the pace of innovation today requires an unprecedented level of creativity in every aspect of business. In fact, the World Economic Forum has named it one of the top skills required for success in the future of all industries.

Creative engagement motivates.

Recent research indicates that engaging in daily creative activity (of all types!) can lead to increased well being, “people who engaged in creative pursuits today felt significantly more energetic, enthusiastic, and excited the next day.”

Are you investing in the creative capabilities of your organization?

Creative Sprint® makes it easy and fun.

It provides a simple structure that requires no special skills, materials or preparations. Through a combination of hands-on making and online sharing it connects diverse and dispersed workplaces in a meaningful learning experience. Everyone gets to pump up their own creative muscles and learn new ways to create better together.

“My mind was opened to endless possibilities.”

- Melissa, Dole

My team and I have enjoyed it so much and have created some great things as well as built our team morale.”

- Tina, Capital One

“I’m not sure how or why but I felt during those monthly sprints, I had more energy, and a brighter outlook on life and was just more positive in general.”

- Dawn, Owens & Minor

“The Creative Sprint, awakened a part of me that I did not know I had, with so much energy and zeal.”

- Rajsekhar, Capital One

“Sometimes the hardest part about being creative is getting started. What I learned from the Creative Sprint challenge was not to be afraid of the first attempt.”

- Kristine, Columbia Gas

We’ve brought Creative Sprint® to organizations of all types!


Creative Sprint® at School

We provide professional development training for educators and we are developing additional resources for classroom use.

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Creative Sprint Book!

Six 30-Day Challenges To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Voyageur Press | flexibound | 224 Pages | ISBN: 978-0760351949


We created this interactive workbook to help anyone develop creative muscles in 30-day sprints. Each of the 6 sprints in this book has a theme and includes prompts that will get you drawing, writing, taking photos, making collages or doing anything creative that you choose! We've included motivational stories and quotes from some of the amazing global CreativeSprint community members and writing activities at the end of each 30-day challenge to help you figure out what to do next. It also features beautiful hand-cut paper illustrations by Noah!