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Practice your creativity

We designed Creative Sprint® to make it simple for anyone, anywhere to pump up their creative muscles fast!

You don't need any special skills, abilities or materials to get started. You just need to commit 5-minutes a day and we'll help you do the rest. 

When you sign up for the October challenge you will be creating alongside a supportive global community. Each day we will email you with specific instructions to help you make, share, and grow together.


See it add up

When you join in a Creative Sprint® you will quickly see how an incremental investment in your own creativity results in exponential opportunity.

Recent research shows that daily creative activity can lead to increased well-being. People who engage in creative pursuits one day feel significantly more energetic, enthusiastic, and excited the next day!

We've seen this experience have a transformative impact on so many people over the past few years. We can't wait to see where it takes you!

Here's what people are saying

“My team and I have enjoyed it so much and have created some great things as well as built our team morale.”

- Tina, Capital One

“Sometimes the hardest part about being creative is getting started. What I learned from the Creative Sprint® challenge was not to be afraid of the first attempt.”

- Kristine, Columbia Gas

"My mind was opened to endless possibilities.”

Melissa, Dole

“I’m not sure how or why but I felt during those monthly sprints, I had more energy, and a brighter outlook on life and was just more positive in general.”

- Dawn, Owens & Minor

“The Creative Sprint®, awakened a part of me that I did not know I had, with so much energy and zeal.”

- Rajsekhar, Capital One

“It's about moving forward, taking action, getting ideas out, putting it out there.”

Michelle, Pureland Logistics

Who made this?

Creative Sprint® was developed by Another Limited Rebellion an art and innovation studio. 


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