An Exploration of Possibilities

Prior to this, I was not creating art outside of my job and I had not completed a quilt for almost a year. Even on my job, I wasn't creating anything new. I had started repeating the same craft projects with patients from the previous year.

Creative Sprint not only rejuvenated my commitment to my daily art project but also motivated my creativeness at work. The daily prompts helped me to think outside of the box and literally use what I have around me to create. I don't think I would have ever created a mustache made of little Afros or given my pet lizard an Afro in my entire life if it were not for this 30-day challenge. The project kept me on my toes and really challenged me creatively.

I have more than 20 unfinished projects because I felt like they weren't good enough or I didn't have the necessary skills of the medium to pull it off.  Creative Sprint has taught me that the journey of creating is sometimes more important than the finished product, that some things are not meant to last forever, that having a community of creatives can be inspiring and push you further and that I need to get over myself in order to feed my inner child.

Thanks to Creative Sprint I see art for what it once was for me - an exploration of possibilities.

Unicia R. Buster - Afro365

Art Specialist at VCU Health