Have fun together


Restaurant work can be grueling but requires you to remain happy and hospitable with guests at all times. Being on VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) campus, a lot of my staff are students and young people. Bringing Creative Sprint to work encouraged them to show off their talents, have conversations with each other and most of all, a little fun.

A lot of what we did was more silly than artistic, but we laughed a lot. It put everyone in a better mood. I believe that positivity translated to our service to guests and that's how I justified the time we spent.

Watching young people collaborate and listening to their conversations while they work was my favorite part. We spend a lot of time together, so those family dynamics played out and it was good to watch them build on their relationships.

The most challenging part of my job as a manager is people; I can control a lot of tangible elements of the business, but I cannot force people to like each other or work well together. Building a team is truly like building a family - it takes time and heart and it's not always easy when you work in a fast-paced, high pressure environment where everyone is on the go. Creative Sprint provided an opportunity to take a break, consciously engage with people I work with and have fun together. And doing that actually made the rest of the job easier.

Sarah Choi, Co-owner, Shoryuken Ramen

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