After the first few days I noticed something.

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When I got pregnant I grieved for what I was certain was the end of my creative time.

We all know that kids, especially babies are time suckers, so when I read about April's Creative Sprint I defaulted to "I'm a new mum. I don't have time for this". But the idea kept eating at me and I thought, let me just see if I can squeeze some of this into my diaper changing-spit up-rocking back to sleep-baby consumed day. What I discovered shocked me. The artist in me was not gone in fact, it was coming back with a vengeance. First, I found the time, small slivers of my day for both planning/free-associating time (while rocking the baby to sleep or breast feeding) and actual time (like right after i put him down to sleep). I did my first creative sprint at 3:30 am after feeding the baby.

 After the first few days, I noticed something. Ideas where coming to me. Ideas that had nothing to do with Creative Sprint. Ideas for plays, scenes, poetry, sketches, even jokes. Yep, jokes. And (this surprised me more) I was coming up with solutions for things. Small functional things, like better ways to clean and dry the bottle nipples, and things that may simulate and calm the baby. He's not much of a sleeper and prior to Creative Sprint i was exhausted and stuck about what to do. I can easily say that doing creative sprint actually takes away sleep time so i know my ideas weren't coming from being more rested. Its like a it triggered a part of my brain that saw possibilities... both creative and functional. 

I loved posting on social media, for both the accountability, the boost, the inspiration and the challenge. Seeing the work of the other sprinters made me up my ante. It also make me procrastinate less. Half way into the month I noticed my inner perfectionist came out to play but seeing other sprinters throwing whatever they could that day for that challenge up on the internet, inspired me to do the same. 

I loved doing creative sprint. I can honestly say as a new mother and an artist, I needed this desperately. 

Emma Gordon

Founder, Science Baby