the sense of accomplishment every single day

Why did you decide to do #CreativeSprint? 

About one year ago, I met Noah and Mica and was immediately attracted to their spirit; their energy; their openness to creative interpretation.  When I first received the email to sign up for this challenge, I didn't have to think about it, I knew it was something I wanted and was able to do.  It was an easy and exciting decision.  

What was your greatest achievement during #CreativeSprint?

Feeling the sense of accomplishment every single day.  It is entirely different from the way I feel successful at work.  This challenge was entirely self-fulfilling.  I wasn't doing it to get paid or recognized, I was doing it to learn something about myself, to test my limits, and to remind myself how important it is for me to have a creative outlet - too often I get lost and forget.

What is your biggest learning from the month?   

My biggest learning was that every single person has a different interpretation. One of my favorite parts about this challenge occurred at the end of every single day when I looked at other people's projects.  It really is amazing how each individual has their own, unique ability to create something.  

How will you apply that learning going forward?

Some days I loved my output, other days not so much.  And that is OK.  I learned to not be hard on myself, or get stressed or frustrated.  Instead, I became proud that I committed to something and stuck to it. I think the static learning that I need to apply to my every day - love, friendship, my career, and my hobbies - is this: good or bad the result, be proud that I tried. 


Bari N. Greenstein (AKA @Bgreens13 )
Global New Business Account Executive, Havas Health