I can be creative and that's the important thing


I saw a Facebook post from a good friend at work, about a year ago and I thought it was such a neat idea. When the April 2016 sprint started, I jumped on board and in October, completed my second one.   

While I loved the part where we actually got to create something, I’d have to say the encouragement, both other sprinters encouraging me and me returning the favor, is always my favorite part. I think everyone appreciated the support and positive reinforcement that the group showed to each other.  We have some really artistic people in the group but I am not one of them. I often turned to construction paper because I just can’t draw and am in no way on the level of some of the group. But that didn’t matter because I can be creative and that’s the important thing.      

I’m not sure how or why but I felt during those monthly sprints, I had more energy, and a brighter outlook on life and was just more positive in general.  And that’s funny to me because sometimes I got less sleep during those months than the rest of the year!

Dawn Payne Garrett, Senior Internal Auditor- Owens & Minor

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