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I participated in the Creative Sprint as a member of the Virginia Commonwealth University Executive MBA Class of 2017. Noah Scalin spent a day with our class at the beginning of this Fall semester educating us on how to spark one's creative spirit and why this makes sense for business people.  

When he said “You have 40 minutes to make 30 things…Go”, I had no idea that Noah had just sent us on what was to be the beginning of a wonderful journey. As we all frantically scrambled around the room to create something in 40 minutes...out of thin air...the excitement and pressure was palpable. We were trying to be creative? In an MBA program? He also encouraged us to take risks, try something new, let go of the preciousness of things that we would normally keep dear and near to our hearts...and once I signed up for Creative Sprint I couldn’t wait to get started.

My life became a little less selfish for 30+ days. I typically tend to focus on the things that are right in front of me: my children, my household and my job. Every day during Creative Sprint I forced myself to think about how I could creatively help someone else. How could I take an artistic theme, convert it into a way to give and represent that action in a visually interesting manner. 

Each day that I woke up before 7 a.m., I could not wait to see what prompt Mica Scalin would email for the day. The anticipation of the unknown was refreshing. I tend to plan for things in advance and not knowing where the Sprint would take me each day was exciting.

The prompt for Day 3 made me just giggle with joy; make something inspired by a children's song. I created a fun bag for my Toys for Tots donations with an Edelweiss flower (in honor of the song my mom sang to me at night as a kid). 

Overall I was very pleased that I was able to complete this challenge. I went into it knowing that I could not easily sustain that level of giving on a daily basis (at least not right now) but hoped to find one or two charities with which I could develop a lasting relationship. And I did! If I can give for 31 days straight, I can find time and/or money to donate at least one once or twice a month on a regular basis!

Laverne A. Benton

Mom, Executive MBA Student & Banking Solutions Analyst

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