My mind was opened to endless possibilities


With the Creative Sprint, the prompts gave me the inspiration to make art every day. I studied freehand drawing as a teenager, and I truly love it, but as the years have gone by, I've made less and less time for creating art in my daily life. I still think of myself as a creative person on the inside, but without an outlet, my mind wasn't as free as others who I see making art a part of their daily life. They see potential in everyday items. That's what I wanted to see. And with Creative Sprint, my mind was opened to endless possibilities.

My favorite part was seeing what all the Sprinters came up with for each prompt. There are so many people around the country and the world working in so many different media - pen and ink, clay, water color, blackout poetry, needle felt, spilled salt! Sprinters really were "making everything art." It's amazing to see the creativity, and it made me excited for each new challenge. I liked trying a lot of different techniques inspired by the other sprinters' work.

I involved my daughter in a lot of the projects, or at least let her watch me work. She's nearly four years old. It changed our life because it got her excited about art. Now, she is constantly saying, "I want to do art projects." and "I love art projects." Having the opportunity to instill a lifelong love and appreciation of art in my child (or any child) is priceless.

Melissa MacClean

Sales Support Manager- Foodservice & Industrial, Dole Packaged Foods

To see more of Melissa's work go to @mbramos03

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