Smaller and imperfect aren't bad things


At first glance, Creative Sprint can appear like a simple art project. But after completing it for myself, I have learned, if used properly, the Creative Sprint can expand your way of thinking on a daily basis. 

On the second day of my Creative Sprint the prompt was to use your name as inspiration for what you create. This immediately inspired me because family is a topic that I am extremely passionate about. In search of what my game plan was for this particular prompt, I came across a photo of my family castle in Scotland. From the angle, I just saw my surname emerging from the lines of the castle wall. I imported this image into editing software and drew in the lines so I could share the same vision that I saw. I did not have advanced software or skilled hands to draw a straight line, so I used a ruler with a stylus. I had to set aside my perfectionist desire and accept my limitations. Once it was completed, I shared it via social media. I was so proud that several of my family members loved it; one even utilizing it as his desktop background. Two days into the Creative Sprint, and I already felt incredible!

I have learned that I actually get much better results when I throttle back on my perfectionist personality. Once that expectation has been curbed, I was able to actually produce better content when I wasn’t busy burying myself in the details. Smaller and imperfect aren’t bad things.

In my personal hobbies, this has allowed me to create better and more realistic model kits. I can now make a blemish intentional, or turn something bad into something amazing. Though, on a more humbling note, I have indeed learned to embrace limitations and accept other people’s help. It isn’t logical for me to assume I can do everything perfectly myself. Thankfully, the Creative Sprint was more than just an art project, it was an eye-opening experience. 

- Stephen MacNeil, VCU School of Business EMBA & Support Analyst, Century Distribution Systems, Inc.

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