a different relationship with the idea of failure

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When I first joined Creative Sprint I was at a place in my life where even though I technically worked in the "Creative" department at an agency, my work was not creative. I felt stagnant. And bored. So I accepted the challenge. At first I was extremely stressed out - what if I make something and its total crap and I put it out there for everyone to see. But over time my perspective changed. When the 2nd one came around I was ever more stoked because I had so much fun with the first one  - this third one i made it a goal not to miss any of the 30 days

For someone obsessed with process work and the "fail faster" mindset I was extremely high strung about showing anything that I didn't feel great about. But I've come to find that some of the things I have created that I was unsure about end up being other participants favorite pieces. Some of them lead me into other projects, and some of them just stand alone as a testament to the time I burnt a tortilla and decided to make it into art.

A blank canvas is extremely intimidating. Psychology even shows that when humans have unlimited choices it makes us completely miserable. Having direction and boundaries helps push me to problem solve using the supplies I have with the time I have. I also LOVE seeing what all the other participants come up with within the same parameters. There are always a wide range of interpretations.

I love seeing what all the other Creative Sprint participants come up with every day and both getting and giving feedback. I also love the dialogue it creates with people I know in my personal/ professional life who see the stuff I am creating daily and want to try it but are afraid. I hear a lot of " I don't know if I could do that..." to which I generally respond "YOU CAN". It doesn't matter what you make, just make. It's so much about the process.

This experience has really affected my creative work in profound ways. I've gone from having a half assed creative process to pushing myself to try new things on a regular basis, and sharing my work within the local art community. 

The biggest take away is that I have a different relationship with the idea of failure. If I make something and its great, AWESOME! If I make something and it sucks, AWESOME! Otherwise fear is gonna keep you from ever getting started and a year from now you will wish you did. 

Ashley Berkman, Multi-media Artist

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