I looked forward to getting up every morning

I looked forward to getting up every morning to look at the theme for the day.  Then I would immediately spring into mental action.  Sometimes I knew right away what I wanted to do, but other times I had to think about it.  It was great fun to mentally 'try on" different solutions before making up my mind.

As an artist, I already see the world with the eyes of possibility, but some projects, such as taking a walk, gathering found items, creating something out of them and leaving the creation for others to come across, are very foreign to the way I work (although the gathering of found objects itself is not–I do that ALL the time!) Another fun challenge was working with whatever I found in my pocket. My very favorite project was the trash to treasure.  

It was also great fun to post my creations and to see what other people came up with.  I often admired other people's solutions and I really appreciated people sharing both their fears and their sense of humor.  The entire experience was valuable because I felt that I had made new friends.  I recognized the same names over and over and felt that we were part of a vibrant network.

I found that my "eyes of possibility" are even more engaged than usual by the challenges and this heightened awareness has continued since the end of the Sprint. 

Constance Del Nero

Director of ArtReach and Community Programs

Academy Art Museum, Easton, MD


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