I needed a little jump start

I have always enjoyed drawing, sketching, writing, designing etc, but with working two jobs and juggling life, I began to feel as if free time to start something new or expand upon my stack of sticky-note-ideas, was getting slimmer by the day. With that, the ability to complete anything before the driving emotion dissolved, had become frustrating. And I'm not OK with any of that. I needed a little jump start.

After reading the first email late afternoon on Day 1, I remember sitting at my desk for what felt like awhile with nothing "good" coming to the surface. I have never done anything like this before and often feel nervous when it comes to posting/sharing something creative online, for a number of reasons. I was trying too hard to think of the greatest idea. So I walked away and began making dinner, then it hit me. From then on, each new day, whenever it was that I would have a spare moment to open the email, I decided that the first, initial thought was what I was going to put on paper and I wasn't going to elongate the process by trying to make each piece precise or perfect.

One thing I learned: Don't over think it and spending a lot of time on something doesn't always make it better/spending a few free minutes on something doesn't make it bad.

Steve Zmijewski, Illustrator & Ad Operations Manager


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