A whole new way

There were days when it was very difficult to make myself sit down and create (such as my 11-hour work days), but holding myself accountable to spending at least 2 minutes of creating something on those days made me realize that art can be whatever I make. Not so much realize as have faith in my abilities to create; It affected my confidence in being an artist. It especially affected my confidence in the arena of drawing what I see, which has never been my strong suit.

I so enjoyed the whole experience that it's hard to pick a favorite part. The day we had to pick something from that day in history really blew me away. The story I chose ended up being so much more intense and involved than I expected. I was glad to know the story, and very emotional making my art to go with it, and I got to exercise my ability in drawing from a picture. I also enjoyed the day that I got to bring something I had made with me and take pictures of it everywhere I went. The piece I chose held a lot of emotion for me. I needed that time with it. Another favorite for me was taking a five minute walk and making something with what I found. Very challenging to walk with no destination in the city. There is lots of growth in the ground where I left my art, and I like to think my art had something to do with that.

The experience made me more confidant in my abilities- seeing how many people enjoyed it helped, too. I see things in a whole new way. It made me feel grounded.

Tammy Ray

Art Museum Security Guard

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