It's about moving forward

So often I get caught up in work and life responsibilities that I don't allow time for creativity, so I signed up for Creative Sprint, knowing that I'd feel accountable and would make the time!  

I loved the sense of community during Creative Sprint. Sharing on social media felt a bit scary at first, but the Creative Sprint provided me with this amazing, caring, creative, supportive and fun community who inspired me and cheered me on! I felt an instant connection in everyone's openness in sharing and collaboration.  I'll continue to be inspired and inspire and connect with many of my new Creative Sprint friends!        

Creative Sprint taught me that it's really not about being perfect, it's absolutely much more adventurous to be real, open, and vulnerable!  

At times I had to push through this fear of exposing my vulnerability, at times I embraced that I was being brave, but either way, what I experienced was a sense of reward and accomplishment,  a growth in confidence.  It's about moving forward, taking action, getting ideas out, putting it out there. The act of doing a daily creative exercise helps me to think from different perspectives and at different angles, and to see from another side or in a new light. Taking even just a few moments a day to practice creativity allows me to be more open and creative in all my thinking in all aspects of my life.

Michelle Wolfe, Pureland Broadscale Logistics



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