It is ok to embrace the imperfections

I loved waking up each morning, knowing there was going to be a directive, that I needed to follow. Someone telling me what to do, instead of me telling me what to do.

Often, I wasn’t sure of how I was going to accomplish the specific task for the day. I eventually learned, that if I could let all of my focused intentions go, my creations were the most successful. Sometimes, I felt that what I had created, was going to have to be good enough, because I had nearly run out of time to post. That was the most scary! The support from other Creative Sprinters, Instagram-ers and Facebook followers gave me great encouragement!

My favorite day was when we were asked to collaborate with another Creative Sprinter.  I picked @lauraandthings. We had a very emotional conversation that connected me to a part of my life in the past that I had experienced, that she was experiencing in her life now. I am now a firm believer in the notion that we are all connected!

Having finished 30 days of Creative Sprint, I feel I am more successful and freer in my design process. I understand that what I see, others don’t and that sometimes, it is okay to embrace the imperfections you see in the end result so that you can release your creative work and share it.

Wendy Umanoff, Lighting Fixture Designer


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