Opportunities all around me


I met a local blogger in Richmond who happens to frequent the bakery in which I work. We were chatting one day and she randomly mentioned that she was starting the Creative Sprint challenge that day. She suggested that I do the same as it seemed it "would be perfect for me." She was right... I loved it!

I occasionally brought the Creative Sprint into my workplace as I've always considered my work (pastry chef) an extension of my creative self. It is just another artistic medium also that happens to be edible and extremely delicious.

My favorite part of the Creative Sprint was receiving the challenges EVERY - SINGLE - DAY. I didn't always finish on time and it wasn't always a masterstroke, but it forced me to produce SOMETHING every day and exercise those creative muscles while reminding me that the difference between artists and everyone else is all in the follow-through.

The experience reminded me to keep an eye out for creative opportunities all around me. Once I got the day's theme, I might have an idea right away or I might spend the day mulling it over, forcing me to look at things in a slightly different perspective.

Earl J. Vallery, Jr., Pastry Chef


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