No more excuses

I love a good challenge, especially one that has a clear deadline :) but most importantly I wanted to use this moment to challenge my creativity.  I turned 40 at the end of last year and have been really taking a look at my life and the direction I want it to head in. I have always considered myself a visionary artist/ Craftsperson however my own self-sabotaging habits and the daily grind of NYC would derail me from my own projects. I needed a daily challenge to find inspiration, boost my confidence, and get out of my routine. And it has. So thank you for that.

I enjoyed waking up and finding out what each daily challenge was. I loved that you challenged my own social quirks, making me get out of my comfort zone by creating in public, meeting new people, reaching out to people I haven't talked to in a while, etc.

Some of the daily challenges would take me a minute or two to create, others I would be racking my brain all day until something hit me. At times I thought it wouldn't happen but it always did. Finding inspiration in the vegetable isle of the local grocery store, or the beauty of my husband's shoelace drying in the bathroom, or the surprise on my friend's faces as I took my pants off at the dinner table. :)

I found myself more open to my ideas and those ideas have begun flowing. I find that issues/excuses that would have derailed me are now no longer setting me back because I can Improvise with confidence and create with what tools I have to work with. No more excuses that I need to wait till I have the perfect skein of yarn or searching for a pattern.  

My Family and friends also enjoyed following my journey and were encouraging throughout the whole month. This was such a great experience and one that I will continue to follow with excitement. Thank you again for your hard work!

James Fleming-Paladino, Artisan



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