I was curious to see what my students would create

I brought Creative Sprint into my classroom to give my students a break from their projects and to challenge to them to create without overthinking. Plus, I was curious to see what my students would create!

Each Friday during Creative Sprint, I listed the prompts from the week and simply asked each student to complete one prompt of their choice to earn a completion grade for the day. I created a grid on one of my large bulletin boards and would tack some of the students' artwork on the corresponding day so they could see how one prompt could inspire different answers.

The first day I introduce Creative Sprint to my classes is my favorite. Most students don't know where to start because unlike most projects and assignments in school, there isn't a right or wrong in Creative Sprint. There are no rubrics or checklists. Many will ask me for more guidance and I'll simply refer them back to the prompt. It's fun to watch them overcome that hurdle then embrace the openness of it all.

Creative Sprint helped remind me, as an educator, to allow students to explore and create without set objectives every now and then. We can get caught up in trying to achieve very specific tasks that we often forget that sometimes we should create for the sake of creating. Plus, getting started is the hardest part and with all the Creative Sprint prompts, we get to practice starting a lot!

Nina Chantanapumma, Teacher Prosper High School



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