Acknowledging Possibilities

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Amy Padgett's Sprint Story

I was determined to make my Creative Sprint a family affair. We’d be creative together, we’d learn new things about each other’s perspectives, and we’d have fun. What I learned in a short amount of time was that the teenager couldn’t see past her phone (surprise), my husband is effortlessly creative with everything around him, and that I struggle… I mean, really struggle with what we’re calling creativity here. In part, I think it’s because I wasn’t acknowledging the possibilities of everything that immediately surrounded me.  

Is this a product of age and technology? Is our society's’ perspective narrowing too rapidly because of technology? Did my view of the potentials of place and space start to narrow with Mario Brothers and Zelda? For the remainder of the sprint, I made it my mission to approach each day’s creative challenge without technology, with the one exception of taking an iPhone pic.  

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But right out of the gate, my creations didn’t feel beautiful to me.  I also fretted over one day's challenge to break something and make something new with it. Why do we have to break something to be creative, I wondered. After scouring my space for a good thing to break, I settled on a wine bottle.  When you break a glass bottle, nothing is uniform, and it doesn’t break in a perfect way.  Nothing about breaking anything is perfect…but, something new and good can come out of it if you are open to it. 

Another day when the creative juices weren’t flowing the most unexpected item became my inspiration: a bottle with flowers in it.  It is something that had been in our kitchen for a while.  But I didn’t look at it in great detail until the Creative Sprint.  I discovered new lines, curves and even sounds that I hadn’t thought about before.  This is another case where I re-discovered something already in my space.  I looked at it through a different lens to find unexpected beauty. 

My most compelling realization during the Creative Sprint was that I need to look around more often to be more aware of the beauty and opportunity in everything. 

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