Every Day Was My Favorite

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Vicky Ivey's Sprinter Story

An Art Director on my team brought the Creative Sprint to the attention of our internal agency as a unique way for us to flex our creative muscles and get (re)inspired. I started participating in support of what she was trying to do, and then I fell in love with it. Or got addicted to it. 

Every day was my favorite day during the Creative Sprint. I looked forward to seeing what each day’s assignment would be. I couldn’t wait to post my entry, see how other people interpreted the challenge, and of course, see that other people enjoyed my work.

I always looked at the daily challenge first thing in the morning. Sometimes I knew what I wanted to do right away, and other times an idea I wanted to pursue eluded me until the end of the day. And there was zero correlation between how quickly the idea came and how much I liked the outcome.

One new thing I did during Creative Sprint that I will incorporate into my work in the future is: DON'T SETTLE. A couple times, I “finished” that day's assignment and then had another idea that I executed as well!  

My advice for a fellow Sprinter is to look at what everyone else did that same day, but not until you’ve finished yours! You may be surprised at how others interpret a similar “answer” in a different way, and that some people have different “answers” altogether.

Participating in the Creative Sprint reminded me that it’s easier than you think (and beneficial!) to incorporate inspiration and creativity into your day-to-day.



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