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Peter Bruckmann's Sprint Story

As an accountant I have never viewed myself as a particularly creative person and my initial reaction as a mixture of trepidation and anguish when I began a Creative Sprint challenge in my VCU EMBA class.

I spend most of my day dealing with numbers and spreadsheets and have not taken the time to think outside of work in a while. But I quickly started to have fun creating and sharing with my friends and family.  

One day we were instructed to spill something and use that for inspiration. I was sitting at the kitchen table thinking through what I was going to spill when I noticed we had a candle burning. I picked it up and spilled candle wax on my paper. For whatever reason, the drop formation that I had rather randomly created inspired me to turn it into a fish.

I’m not sure exactly where this came from, could have been eating goldfish crackers earlier in the week or having fish for dinner; either way it produced some inspiration for additional days. Creating fish with different instructions made me think about the challenge as a continuation of a theme. I found myself wanting to compare the fish and the results using different medium and instructions. I was curious to see how the fish I created each day would differ. 

Working with the unexpected became a central theme to my Creative Sprint. Being able to embrace the unexpected not just in this experience, but in other aspects of life can have a similar effect. When something different or unexpected pops up at work I will now think twice about it and see how it can be incorporated and become a value add to the organization.  

It felt good to share each day’s creation. Getting through the initial drafts of work that was questionable in its accuracy and creativity felt relieving in a way. It was great to get feedback and encouragement from team members as this went along. I also enjoyed providing the same support back to my team members.

Going into the assignment with little confidence that any creativity would manifest itself, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the 30-day Sprint!

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