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Jenny Honings' Sprinter Story

I decided to participate in Creative Sprint 2017 because I felt I needed to push myself out of an "artist's block". Also to try and gain some confidence in my own artwork, especially since I have never felt like I was a "real" artist. I've always done art on the side but I don't have an art degree and have had very few art classes. 

The most challenging aspect of the Sprint was teaching myself to just let go, think outside of the box, and once I did, WOW, it feels great! As part of the last day's prompt, create your own trophy, while I was working on the collage, I just happened to find the word "uninhibited" in a magazine, cut it out and applied it to my collage trophy and felt it was most appropriate for how I got to that point: I just let it all hang out!

My favorite day was the last day, not because it was the last one, but for the sheer fact that I did it! I completed something artistic - I lasted till the end. I pushed myself harder than I ever have and am so proud of myself for having done so. I loved the way my "trophy" looked. It means more to me than anything I've ever created. In fact, I was going to frame and keep this one for myself but I'm going to surprise my daughter with it for her Christmas gift this year! She collaborated with me on 2 or 3 of the daily prompts and is the one person that has been able to teach me to see "outside of the box." 

I am so surprised at the amount of confidence that I gained during the 30 day challenge via the comments, likes, thumbs up, loves, that I received via my posts each day on the Creative Sprint Facebook page. Thank you to all that did so, as it means more to me than you'll ever know.

To use a way overused but fantastic tagline: Just Do It. I promise you'll come out of it the person you've always wanted to be! No lie. Over the 30 days, I saw beautiful and artistic things around me that I had never seen before- at home, at work, at my mom and dad's house, everywhere. I see life that way anyway, and always have, but wow, it's in High Def at this point and I love it.

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