Keep moving, you'll be surprised

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Jolinda Smithson's Sprinter Story

I love the idea of connecting with people to help spark creativity.

I connected with other Sprinters through the hashtags and got to see lots of cool work at the same time. It was a great little inspiration boost each day.

One new thing I did during my Creative Sprint was to use my stylus on my phone to complete a lot of the daily challenges so that I wasn't getting caught up on doing something too intense. That simple limitation of using what I had at my fingertips helped me complete so many of them without getting too perfectionist about it. I'd love to set some limitations on myself for future projects with the expectation it doesn't have to be perfect right away so that I just get in the habit of making without judging.

One piece of advice I’d give to someone who is starting their first Creative Sprint is to just do it! Everyone in the Creative Sprint community is so supportive and if you keep moving, you'd be surprised at what cool things come out without letting yourself get caught up in how good it looks.

Since Creative Sprint, I have become more productive in other areas of my life - in small ways - trying to move things forward without the idea of perfectionism. It's also inspired me to make more necklaces, a hobby of mine, and to get back into my art studio to make things in real life.

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