I Need to Create. Daily. Period.

Michele Ports Gargiulo's Sprinter Story

I decided to take part in Creative Sprint when a artist and gallery owner friend posted about it. Sounded fun and I had never done anything like this before!

My favorite days were the use something sticky, spirit animal, and recreate a favorite piece of art.

The most challenging day was the collaboration day, because I worked and couldn't get to it until late, so I used my one dogs as my Sprint collaboration partner.

The most surprising thing was to be featured on the Creative Sprint Instagram. It was really motivating and exciting!!

The thing I did that I'll continue to do is draw everyday, sometimes I would be 'too busy', but I am a artist. I need to create. Daily. Period.

I would tell whoever wants to complete a Creative Sprint to dive in! Have fun! Try new things!

I think the Sprint definitely freed me up somewhat; and to get feedback (and likes!) from other artists was just the best. I feel more confident with my art- so thank you for that!

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