Make some stuff you're proud of in just one day.

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Carrie Donovan's Sprinter Story

I went to a talk by Noah Scalin at Louisville, KY's AIGA chapter in March, and heard him talk about Creative Sprint and encourage people to sign up on the website. I signed up thinking that I might as well get the emails, but I really wasn't sure that I'd do it. I started with Day 1, again, not sure I'd keep up with it. But I'm so glad I did! I got hooked.

I think the first day was my favorite, because I had this rush of "oh wow! I just made something!" I didn't spend a lot of time on that day's project, and it was really satisfying. (I later ended up spending much longer on future days, which was also good, but very different).

Day 23 (Make something inspired by all the places your shoes have been) was a challenge because I got stuck. I didn't have a good idea, and I'd been a little behind on the prompts for a couple of days. Finally I ended up making some typography out of Legos (inspired by the experience of stepping on Legos—ouch!). The end result ended up being one of my favorite things I made during Creative Sprint.

I got to collaborate with Mica Scalin, who wrote the book on Creative Sprint! Honestly, I hesitated a little bit to reach out to her because she helped start the whole thing! But she responded yes! And wanted to collaborate with me on Day 28. I've learned this many times in life, and I learned it again—it never hurts to ask.

I have been wanting to experiment with motion graphics, and I was able to try a few simple projects in AfterEffects as well as some stop motion animation projects. That is something I want to keep doing. I also started a map project based on the Washington, D.C. area where I grew up (on Day 15) that I intend to continue.

As an artist or designer, you already know how to make good work.  But you might be surprised that you can actually make some stuff you're proud of in just one day.

I do continue to feel inspired and confident knowing that making things isn't as hard as I sometimes make it out to be.

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