Don't underestimate the power of a simple idea

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Kimberly Begeal's Sprinter Story

The reasons I participate in Creative Sprint seem to change each time. I'm a "slightly seasoned" Sprinter since I've now joined in three times. The first time, April 2016, I was intrigued by just seeing how I would respond to a daily prompt.  The second time, October 2016, was because I had so much fun being part of a creative online community. This April 2017 Sprint, I joined to challenge myself to see what I could create in the shortest amount of time each day while remaining true to how I want things to look. The next time around I am finally going to try my hardest to finish the whole 30 days.

    My favorite day for the April 2017 Sprint was Day 10, be inspired by a poem. I was vacationing that week at the beach. In typical "Me" fashion, I had been collecting (hoarding) random shells because I liked the perfection of their imperfections. I placed two of them together and it was the beginning of a dress. A few more shells and a piece of plastic garbage I caught blowing around on the sand and there appeared Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allan less than 10 minutes of work.

    The most challenging day was definitely Day 7, use something sticky to create today. I was traveling in the car for the whole day so resources were limited.  I pulled a small piece of gum out of my mouth to play with while I thought.  There in front of me was the beginning of a teeny turtle using my gum. Working very small is hard for me because of a frustrating hand tremor,  but I was in a Creative Sprint frame of mind.  This brings with it a determination that helped me through something that would usually force me to do another project.

    Participating in Creative Sprint often brings out many surprising and unexpected things.  Perfect example, I was cleaning out my desk and was going to throw away a bag of very old rubber bands.  Instead, they turned out to be the perfect medium for creating a real fast and easy face for that day's prompt.  Never underestimate the usefulness of anything when you're doing Creative Sprint!

    Something new I tried in this last Sprint that I would incorporate into future work was using multiple pieces of the same kind of item into one creation. A habit of mine is to gather quite a few pieces of a type of something that I like, so I found it very gratifying to find a use for the shells, jewelry pieces, leaves, or decorative paper clippings (to name a few) that I have stashed. It wasn't even anything intentional while I was working on things. I just happened to notice a pattern this time when I looked back over my work.

    Of course, I highly recommend joining in on Creative Sprint.  If you are new to it, my advice is to Not Overthink!  Make friends with the first ideas that pop into your brain after reading that day's prompt. Then, simplify them if necessary.  Some of my favorite creations/posts are pieces I spent the least amount of time working on!

    Since joining in on the Creative Sprint process, I notice that I have highly improved my ability to not underestimate the power of a simple idea.  Much can be done with just starting something somewhere.  From now on I will not look back at my bad habit of dropping ideas I thought unworthy.  Instead, I'm looking forward to what will happen when I just press on with determination...Thanks Creative Sprint!

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