Just go for it

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Eve-Marie Allen's Sprinter Story

I have joined in the Creative Sprint a couple of times and because I really enjoy the challenge of creating without the need for perfection, just the need to create, the Skull-A-Day Creative Sprint was a perfect opportunity. I come from a fashion design and made to measure background so perfection is aimed for, to get the garment to fit and hang properly everything must be right, and exact, and I felt this was my art , and I have been very fussy when I create anything. To create without the need for perfection is extremely freeing, and lots of fun.

In order to combat that feeling of perfectionism is realizing that I should stop, anywhere in the process, see if what I am creating really needs me to keep going. I've realized that sometimes less is more.

I live in rural Northern New Zealand and like the company of creatives I have joined with while sharing on Instagram and Facebook, and I have loved Noah Scalin’s Skull-A-Day for a very long time.

My favorite day during the most recent Creative Sprint was the day I got a skull tattoo- it was unexpected but so very welcome and the timing was fitting I thought.  

During the Creative Sprint, I learning to think outside the box happened really quickly, as each day in a Sprint is so different. Outside of the box becomes the only way you can react, and I enjoyed being made to think.

The most unexpected day was selling one of my pieces, a wood cut print, which made me very happy. Creating the woodcut was something that I would like to do more of, I had so much fun making it.

My advice is to just go for it, don’t overthink, don’t stress or worry, just create without need to be perfect and you will surprise yourself.

Thanks heaps, Creative Sprint. It’s been great fun and I look forward to more!

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