Lost your creativity? Try Creative Sprint

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Emma Evan's Sprinter Story

March 2016 I discovered Creative Sprint by chance, through a Facebook group - called Make Art That Sells - somebody had put a link on and I was intrigued and took a look.  I have to say it is one of the best things I have done.  Art is something I am good at; I have always had a passion for drawing, designing and creating things. However in recent years through bereavement, life threatening illness and depression I thought I had lost this skill.

Creative Sprint has been instrumental in reawakening my creativity - and given me the confidence in my own ability to develop my own art work again.  My favourite day of my first ever sprint was Break Something and Create Something Out of the Parts and the Oreo owl I created is my most popular post to date.

Recently I have completed Skull-A-Day Creative Sprint in honour of Noah Scalin's original celebration of skulls.  I enjoyed this challenge and tried not to draw the skulls but make them out of different things. Really liked day 14 #educatedskull, I think I will do more work in the future using this technique.

Creative Sprint has changed the way I look at things and I can see that there is a creative solution to problems in everyday life.

Yes I would recommend doing Creative Sprint and this is what I would say to a new sprinter is what I wrote for one of the days of reflection, “Lost your creativity? Try Creative Sprint. Just do it, use your imagination, learn to trust your own ability, do not seek perfection, but go with the flow. Have fun- you never know where your journey will take you…"

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