Father and Son Get Creative

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The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

Teaming up with a buddy for a Creative Sprint is a fantastic idea. When that buddy is a family member it's all the more special.  Being creative together is a great way to connect with family. Motivating each other to get daily activities done, brainstorming new approaches and celebrating your achievements together creates a unique opportunity for bonding and fun!

Tim Gregory (@Zoothru on Instagram) and his 11-year old son (@Wild_Outside) participated in June's Skull-A-Day Creative Sprint together. This father-son duo interviewed each other about the experience for our website!

Why did you decide to participate in Creative Sprint/Skull-A-Bration?

Wild_Outside:  Because my dad was doing it and it sounded cool.

ZooThru: I followed Skull-a-Day 10 years ago I've always wanted to try a daily project. Most evenings I just watch TV or mess around on the internet, so I wanted to try focusing that time and energy towards something creative.    

What was your favorite day of this Creative Sprint/Skull-A-Bration? Why?

WO:  The first one (Fork Skull) because it was the first time I thought about a skull. So it I felt creative.  It was the first thing that popped into my mind.

ZT:   I liked the second day -- (I made a skull out of rope on my deck) because I wasn't sure about artistic ability going into this, so I was really happy it ended up looking like a skull.

What day was most challenging for you? Why?

WO:  The last day (Water skull -- painted with a watermelon juice on a plate). We were traveling and I was like "What am I going to do today?"   

ZT:  Day 27 was challenging. I made a skull out of a cocktail napkin. We were in the middle of a big family trip and I had no art supplies to make a skull with. It was tricky being on a trip and finding time to be creative. 

What was the most surprising or unexpected thing that happened this month?

WO:  That I drew most of my skulls. I thought I was going to make them out of things, but I ended up drawing most of them. 

ZT:  Day 1 and 29 were both drawn in a similar style -- I was surprised that you could see some improvement because of practice. Spending 30 days thinking about the shape of skulls I really learned the individual curves and structures that make a 'good' looking skull drawing.  

Did you collaborate on any of the days? How did you support each other during the month?

WO: We didn't really work together on any of them. 

ZT:  What?! We did clay skulls together. 

WO: Yeah, but I did my own. 

ZT: And I reminded you about the deadline about half of the days!!!  I think we supported each other by keeping each other motivated and making stuff every day. 

WO: I think mostly you supported me because I wouldn't have done anything creative if you hadn't started making skulls. I did it because you started doing it every day. 

What is one new thing you did month that you would like to try again or incorporate into your work in the future?

WO:  Drawing my skulls better. I would change them up to make the skull parts look different.  

ZT:  I tried water colors early in the month and it was fun using the paint. I want to do that again.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is starting their first Creative Sprint?

WO:  Try not to think about it too much. Think of something easy and simple and do it.   

ZT:   Try not to spend to much time or take on too many 'big project days'. The fun ones were the ones that took 15-30 minutes.

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