Turning daily projects into longterm practices.

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Katie Cowden's Sprinter Story

I joined the Skull-A-Bration Creative Sprint because I've always loved skulls, and doing art challenges always inspires me. Previously I've done 100 days of tiny doodles, 2 weeks of hearts leading up to Valentine's Day for several years, and 365 days of self portraits.

During the Skull-A-Bration Creative Sprint, my favorite day was the day I embroidered a skull. I was on a road trip with friends to go see an exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston and I finished just as we got there.

The most challenging was the day I did a gold leaf skull. I'd only used gold leaf once before, and I went through several attempts before I did one that turned out the be recognizable. 

The most unexpected thing that happened is that my art teacher mother participated with me. We live in different cities so she texted me photos of her project every day and I included them on my Instagram. It was a really fun experience to share with her, and since we ended up in the same place at the end of the month, we got to do a collaborative piece.

As I went through the project, I realized how much I miss painting. My day job as a freelance laser cutting artist and my own jewelry line don't leave me a lot of time for making art for fun, but the days where I made myself sit down and do a more complex painting were the days I was happiest with my work.

Doing these daily creativity projects has demonstrated my creative range and ability to stick with a long term project. In my personal life, it gave me a calm and pressure free way to start my day and get my brain flowing.

There were even few laser cut designs I created during this challenge that I'm definitely adding to my regular jewelry line. Since then I have been inspired to paint more, and work on more longterm daily projects even when I think I am too busy.

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